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The increased interest to utilize eco-friendly products for many reasons on job-sites has allowed our company to expand our knowledge in many different types of products. Confronted with clients who often ask, “is there a allergenic joint compound?”, in order to reduce the odor from regular joint compound. The answer is YES!

Used in home remodels by our company we have chosen to feature a MURCO Hypo-Allergenic product. This product is great to use if your sensitive to preservatives that are commonly found in regular joint compounds. Specifically, we have used the MURCO Hypo-Allergenic M-100. This product comes in a powder form, which is mixed with water until preferred consistency is found. Earth friendly, this product mainly contains very low levels of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) or no VOC. VOCs are known to diminish air quality and in our companies experience this is what some clients complain about when they say it smells in the house. IMG_2613

This is not to say regular joint compounds are bad but that they differ greatly in chemical content. Hypo-Allegenic products contain no preservatives, mildewcides, fungicides, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), amines, formaldehyde, vinyl acetate, or any petroleum products, which are a great alternative for people who have respiratory concerns, allergies, or sensitivities to odors. To keep in mind there are generally higher costs associated with green products.

We strive to give our clients the best options that suit their needs for home repairs or remodels. If you are looking to have drywall work done give us a call for free consultation on products on the market. (520) 909-5513.

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